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(High Temperature-) Heatstorage

We are the preferred partner in the fields of process heat, waste heat, energy recovery, renewable energies and alternative power generation. Our high-capacity storage can absorb thermal energy from room temperature up to 1,300°C.

Heat Storage - A few exiting facts

Energy is THE raw material of the 21st century. Our heat storage helps to store and recycle surplus energy, enabling the use, for example, of solar energy, even at night.
The following data are an excerpt of the german market.
Solar thermal - MWh
Water Power - MWh
Wind Energy - MWh
Waste Heat - MWh

We think ahead!

The design of our high-performance storage is developed by highly specialized scientists and engineers. The advanced technology can be adapted to apply in all sorts of scenarios and be utilized profitably, either as a new installation or an extension of existing systems. NEBU®Block storage always fits your needs.

Dr. Martin Schichtel